"Good public speaking is
the most powerful human tool."

For Companies

Every day, teams interact with colleagues, partners, customers and management. Being able to convince, effectively and to the point is one of the priorities of these courses.

The participants come away with tips for more direct, simpler and more effective communication, while at the same time having practised it. The aim is to move from descriptive to narrative communication to capture the audience’s attention. Speakers will become more comfortable in communicating, more convincing and will be able to prepare themselves effectively before each internal or external speech.

The constructive and kind feedback from the participants allows them to gain confidence and work in depth. This leads to beneficial aspects of long-term collaboration. These courses will also combat meeting fatigue within your company and contribute to teambuilding… all while having fun!

These courses also serve to engage all your teams in more entrepreneurial, collaborative and constructive thinking for your company.

The Public Speaking and Storytelling seminars can take place face-to-face (according to FOPH guidelines) over one or more days or half-days, at your premises or at a unique location of your choice, or by video conference. They are tailored to your needs.

The lively and interactive aspect of these courses will also serve to boost the energy and joy of your teams!