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LIVE Webinars

Let’s meet together LIVE in the next webinars to capture your audience and make your presentations unforgettable!

Ready to give it a go?
Let’s meet virtually LIVE for one of the next Public Speaking and Storytelling Live Webinars. These will take place via Zoom.

In a fun way and using valuable feedback, you will work on different themes such as the Elevator Pitch, a WOW Effect Introduction, the Call-to-Action, How to create a story that works and how to prepare yourself well. These sessions last 75 minutes and this is one of the only opportunities to be able to test new things in front of a real audience and receive direct feedback… it is by doing that one learns these new skills!

Course content
During this good hour spent together, you will work in practice on your own speeches. It is through practice that we can adopt new habits. You will also receive a list of tips to improve your public speaking during the course as well as documentation with the important points covered. It is said that rhetoric is the art of convincing… There will really be a BEFORE / AFTER effect. Using speaker techniques and storytelling, you will capture the attention of your audience to make your presentations unforgettable!

WOW Effect Introduction – in French
Conclusion – in French

Captivate your audience from the very first second and get their attention while making an impression. Here’s how to rework your introduction and pitch, whether it’s for your online courses and speeches or for conferences and networking events.

How do you adapt your language to the digital world? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re used to it, it’s essential to adapt your content and the form of your speech to keep your audience’s attention. Behind the screen the audience is very quickly distracted so it is imperative to keep your audience on the edge of their seats!

The conclusion and the call-to-action are the essential elements of a good speech, just like a pitch or an online presentation. They are defined in the preparation of the speech and are directly linked to the message and content of the speech. They are the highlight of your speech, the very essence of it… so are you ready?

How to create your content so that it holds up, has an amazing and impactful effect on your audience and is well organised and above all direct! That’s what you’ll learn in this course.

Using the techniques of storytelling and traditional yarns, you will practice writing your stories so that they work, whether they are your anecdotes or your business messages.

You happen to be in the lift with the personality you’ve always dreamed of meeting to invest in your business, to help you distribute your products… and they ask you what you do. It would take you 2 hours but you only have 30 seconds to convince this particular audience… Be ready!

This module deals with your voice, your expressions, your posture, the physical and mental preparation of all your public speaking.

You can also choose which topics you wish to address.

These public modules can also be given in companies or in private lessons.

I am available for individual follow-up!

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