"Some wake up with an alarm clock,
others answer the call of a mission!"


Being an entrepreneur is something you are born with, you are wired that way. With two entrepreneurial parents, as a child I was already happily cutting and bending parts to help my parents with manual operations on large series of parts. The constant work, the stress of being able to feed many families is part of my core values.

It was only natural that I turned to entrepreneurship at the age of 29. I created JMC Lutherie, an innovative guitar and loudspeaker manufacturer, a brand that I have deployed worldwide. I had the pleasure of transmitting the activities of our company in 2020 to 5 different firms. Thus, I have lived through all the cycles of entrepreneurship, from creation, innovation, partnership with more than a hundred organisations, institutions, universities, to several fund raising and finally company transmission and support. I have also published extensively on these different themes.

I have had the pleasure of working in the cosmetics, watchmaking, woodworking, innovation, medical, construction (with one of the largest European builder), engineering, energy, logistics, banking and insurance, and training in higher education or vocational schools, in other words, in a very wide range of fields.

Today, I happily accompany you to provide assistance or shortcuts in the creation, development, fund raising, sales or even company transmission to avoid entrepreneurial pitfalls…

“I love passionate, authentic people with roots, entrepreneurs like Céline Renaud. I have rarely seen someone talk about their projects with such passion. I see in her an entrepreneur who has all the qualities to succeed: endurance like the great athletes, passion, and a firm grasp of her roots.”

Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Division