"In the forest, there is no such thing as silence,
the trees are talkative..."

Coaching in the Forest

If you can’t think, walk.
If you think too much, walk.
If you think wrong, walk again.
Jean Giono

Since the dawn of time, philosophers and the wises are thinking while walking!

You will work on your messages in depth, what you want to say to your clients or shareholders, where you see your company and where you see yourself in the future…

Let the magic of the forest inspire you to work on your message. As you walk and move forward, you will find in your heart of hearts what you want to say, just like the great philosophers did. A personalised coaching based on my rich experience as an entrepreneur and speaker.

A unique format with walking exchanges and above all the anchoring of your deep vision in your daily life and your public speaking.

Welcome to the course!

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